About US

We are all beautiful

Miramira means “look look” in Spanish.
When we look inside we catch glimpses
of our infinite wisdom, love and creativity.
Wear MiraMira and feel it for yourself - discover your natural radiance and share it.

The brand was born from a deep wish to uplift people
and show them how beautiful they are.

"Vibrate pure love and neutralize the negativity
from 750000 unhappy people" said by Wayne Dwyer.

Isn’t that inspiring?

Imagine what you can create.

All pieces contain chanelled energy to uplift and align you with
your highest contribution to the whole of humanity

Mira - the designer of all of our jewelry - is a trained goldsmith and
a healer, who connects people with their soul and life purpose.

Wear a MiraMira piece and bring out those gifts and attributes that
make you unique.

inspired by nature

Each of Mira’s design has a particular energetic frequency through the combination of semi-precious stones, shapes and materials.

Designs are inspired by the natural landscape of Menorca  – seashells, animals, flowers and plants – and combined with specific materials and semi-precious stones to create the particular MiraMira look and feel.

Miramira creates life-changing work opportunities for disadvantaged women – we care about relationships which is part of why your jewelry feels so good to wear

Our makers are Indonesians who bring their crafting skills and talent
to each piece from the heart.

Working for us improves their quality of life in many ways
– especially for the women who can be at home taking care of their children whilst making a good income.

This is the power of beautiful jewelry:
it touches all who come into contact with it.