1. How do i take care of my jewelry?

Don't leave your necklace or bracelet lying on a windowsill in direct sunlight - they will fade.

If your tassle gets crumpled or dirty, wash in cold tap water with a small amount of mild detergent, rinse thoroughly and dry flat.

2. Will my jewelry pick up heavy energy if i'm feeling off or emotional?

Yes the semi-precious stones in your necklace may accumulate emotional energy over time. 

To clear your necklace, just hold between your palms and imagine the necklace being cleared with bright white light, or under a waterfull of light. You can make this a weekly discipline.

3. What do i do if my jewelry breaks or has a flaw?

Each MiraMira is individually hand made by a real person, not a machine. About one in a thousand necklaces may have a tassel that comes undone, or a weak place in the knotting where the thread breaks. If your necklace breaks for no reason within the first 30 days after you purchase it, you can return it for a full replacement at no extra cost. Please see the Shipping and Returns guidelines for further details.